Dws Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted partner for jewelers, Brands and Designers looking to offer their customers exclusive access to unique pieces of jewelry. Whether the goal is expending inventory by buying from 14000 designs or allowing customers to create their own unique pieces line sheet. Dws Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is your single source for all custom designs.

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Elegance an attitude longines

Lapis Set Fine Sterling Silver Classic Long Drop Earrings

Rose Cut Labradorite Set Gold On Silver Classic Earrings

Rose Cut Rose Chalcedony Set Gold On Silver Classic Earrings

Moldavite Set Fine 925 Sterling Silver Casual Statement Ring

Moldavite Set Fine 925 Silver Handmade Casual Twist Ring

Moldavite Set Fine Sterling Silver Classic Casual Earrings

Crystal Quartz Set Fine 925 Silver Classic Statement Ring

Labradorite Set Brass Gold Handmade Classic Lariat Necklace



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Manufacturer For Jewellery Designers And Global Brands

Women adore their jewellery; it does not matter be it gold or a basic kind of jewellery. If you possess the extravagant enthusiast and great interest for manufacturing exclusive and amazing creations of jewellery designs or you also have an accomplished jewellery organization or a simple jewellery showroom and rummaging for jewellery production company coming from the pink city of India, Jaipur to be your lovely partner in forming and forming up your business interests, designs and rummaging for your precise motive to represent life, then you are at the best and utmost credible place. With base and eminent formation in pink city Jaipur of India, DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. is an amazing firm or company which has been accomplished concretely and prominently in 2004. The company has asserted prominently by some leaps and basic arenas in the coming years and majorly, our company acquires all the essential components and elements and great feel to modify your arena, perspective, and great vision into work. We are joyous and honored in telling that our firm is prominent and established in our distribution procedure. We possess the most suitable combination of mixing obsolete and exclusive procedures to dig out the effective output. We urge withstanding and maintain your innovative notions and planning. With utmost dedication, sincerity, and concern we help you in accomplishing a concrete base for your foundation. We urge you to live too much above your various expectations. Also, if you require us to constituting your specific brand sign and produce various products for people, we are sincerely standing in your support to give with the extraordinarily beautiful handmade jewellery assertions. We have ardent there in order to form our expertise and intense networks to help you amazingly in boosting your firm.

DWS is the most brilliant jewellery manufacturers that are committed and devoted to its users. Our firm also pays as many worries to every person's piece as one performs in the arena of a great batch of generally more segments and pieces. We put the best of our most genuine efforts to deliver you in time, for us punctuality matters and frame and structure of the system does not matter. We take immense zeal and pride to state that our organizations are efficiently acquainted with the variety of art items and equipment.

As this place is best as a credible and reliable business partner in the entire.

DWS Jewellery Private Limited generally maintains an intimate association with our clients in the entire complete of production. Our firm keeps them well-acquainted about the entire parameters of the method. This is the most alluring feature to gain a fast turnaround during the process of production.

Come to DWS Jewellery Private Limited for receiving the most pretty and graceful designs of Jewellery.

DWS Jewellery Private Limited greets its users in a very well manner. We solely respect that our general customers are our associates. These are the qualities that play a major role in our firm's success. These are highly essential when it comes to the concrete establishment of any organization. Most significant jewellery designs are produced by our firm. DWS Jewellery Private Limited is evolving continuously as the finest Jewellery Manufacturer. We treat our clients as our essential resources. Also, we focus on the best-renowned progress, we also focus on the ultimate plans of our customers. Also, work prominently according to the customers’ pre-planning and idea. Customer contentment and contentment have been our major sections and sections of worry. As an outcome, we have our contented and happy customers in the entire world. Our eminent clients are bifurcated worldwide involving the UK, USA and Canada, Japan and Australia.

Meet the most promising team at DWS Jewellery Private Limited

DWS Jewellery Private Limited has a full range of team of expert, intelligent and dedicated designers and creators as well. They are involved in searching exclusive ideas and some of the latest trendy and fashionable modifications of jewellery for men and also women. We have designers and artisans design the exclusive and extraordinarily ravishing beautiful jewellery in cooperation associating the clients’ needs and designs demand.

DWS Jewellery Private Limited has fulfilled and complete professional technique, we very completely grasped and understand the essentiality of privacy and confidentiality in our business. We value every idea that comes through our organization or our premises. We guide the complete protection and security of your all prominent ideas and plans.

Company producers have a good variety of jewellery items as we are one of the best Wholesale Fashion Jewellery Manufacturers involving the latest and stupendous fashion jewellery. We are eminently called trusted bangle jewellery producers and manufacturer, we are prominent as a bracelet jewellery manufacturer, pendant jewellery manufacturers, Custom earrings jewellery manufacturer and distributors and by several other different signs. We possess differentiated our agenda in the huge crowd of precious gold, silver, precious diamond and eternal gemstone jewellery manufacturers. DWS Jewellery Private Limited is quite eminent as a prominent and of the prominent Gemstone Jewellery distributors in India leading a great variety and variety of customers in the entire market. Also, we are eminent as the popular 925 silver jewellery producers. We work in semi-metal jewellery along with the latest and trendy precious gemstone jewellery. Boundaries have never become a problem for our firm as by distance, as customers are related. We have happy customers in several countries like the UK, Japan, and the USA. Our customers are definitely with our firm all the way and accomplish an amazing business association with our company.

Also, stated to this fact, pricing by us is the other vital feature. We respect our users more than anything. We try our best to distribute at affordable prices and very reasonable cost. Our prices are as good as factory-direct prices. You may opt to purchase from our retail jewellery items of several kinds. Handmade jewellery is also among one of the remarkable produce of DWS Jewellery Private Limited.

Our services involve providing catering to our users, as an entire suite and set of work. We do as an only window arena of our users for several kinds of work. Our prominent sections of work involve the stated Computer-reliable Design, Mold making, Computer-Aided production, Lost wax stating, Setting, Laser welding, Engraving, and Finishing.

The company works as an only window solution giver along with the only destination working for the high-class category of people doing work and business villas. In its way of about more than 10 years, our firm has accomplished an arena stating in the industry and generated its brand statement in the entire world's users of the USA, UK, and Japan, etc. The firm has also been working for customer provision in the team with their effective products. As an outcome, the company acquires evolved by ups and downs, in a petite duration of time. The firm has big power is its determined and hardworking team. The workers have also started to the respective roles which they fulfill quite effectively. They put major efforts to gain the motives or ideas of the firm.

Meet the best in Jewellery Market- DWS Jewellery Private Limited

Our prominent business motives are Trust, Reliability, Equality, Commitment, impeccable business notions, users' satisfactory approach, Proactive, Regularity, Loyalty in favor of users and workers also.

DWS Jewellery Private Limited wishes to create and design the best items and products implementing our professionalism and expertise for ten years and in the end, produce a competitive work for all. You also give us a call at our helpline number for any kind of suggestions and support on +91 9166828406.

We have assured that at "DWS Jewellery Private Ltd." you have good payment options and various other installment options so that our basic customers do not require facing any issues executing us. We are an impeccable combination of manufacturers, distributors, and workers in the entire market and are for our beautiful gold, silver, and diamonds progressions embedded with beautiful, semi-precious stones and expensive gemstones. Our designed Jewelry is just stupendous and alluring.

DWS is your ultimate destination for an amazing scope of infer-able and gems from our more than about 15,000 smooth and effective outlines, constituting any ordinary day and an important occasion. At DWS, we form evergreen gems and diamonds that are beautifully made with an exact combination of age-old beauty and alluring front line touch to give an intense gathering that is suitable while high on intensity.

We also grasp that your Gems are more than just attraction, they are an enlargement of your character and personality and that is why we identify custom and ethereal jewellery plans particularly for you. So, you always get what you have planned in your mind and imagination. We also deal with cute baby jewellery to involve and enhance the beauty of your vibrant young ones. Our clients are our major resources. We focus on the most exclusive modifications also our major focus is on our customer's satisfaction. We work for them, for their happy faces.

Why Us?


We can say that if you are looking for a trustworthy business associate having the capabilities of maintaining a high level of quality, you just need not look further than DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.


We maintain a close track with our clients during the entire process of production. We keep them updated about all the stages of the process. This is our special feature to have a quick turnaround.


DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. values its customers very high. We firmly believe that our customers are our partners. We treat them as our significant resources. Although we concentrate on the most recent advancement yet we stick to the final decisions of our customers. We work exclusively as per the customers’ choice. Customer delight and satisfaction have been our major areas of concern. As a result, we have satisfied customers worldwide. Our esteemed clients are spread worldwide including UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc.


We have a complete team of skilled and talented designers and artisans. They are engaged in exploring the latest designs and the prevailing fashionable trend of jewelry for men and women. Our artisans craft the beautiful jewelry in compliance with the clients’ requirements and designs.


Having a completely professional approach, we very well understand the importance of confidentiality in our business. We respect each and every idea that walks through our premises. We maintain the fullest confidentiality of your ideas and projects.

Our company manufactures a wide range of jewelry items including fashion jewelry. We are popularly known as a trusted wholesale jewelry manufacturer, bangle jewelry manufacturer, bracelet jewelry manufacturer, handmade earrings manufacturer, pendant manufacturers, and wholesale suppliers and by other a number of names. We deal in semi-precious gemstone jewelry as well as contemporary precious gemstone jewelry. Boundaries have never been a limitation for us as far as customers are concerned. We have our worldwide customers in various countries such as the UK, the USA, and Japan, etc. Our customers stay with us forever and establish an everlasting business relationship with us.

In addition to all this, pricing is our other most important feature. We value our customers more than money. We try to supply at the affordable prices and very reasonable cost. Our prices are as good as factory-direct prices. In fact, you may choose to buy from our wholesale jewellery collection of various items.


We cater to our customers with the complete suite of services. We work as a single-window for our clients for different kinds of services. Our major areas of service include the following: Computer-Aided Design, Computer-Aided Manufacturing, Mold making, Lost wax casting, Laser welding, Setting, Engraving, Finishing, etc.

During the course of its journey of more than one decade, our company has established a firm foothold in the industry and created its own brand value amongst the worldwide customers of UK, USA, and Japan, etc. The company has been a customer-oriented company since its inception. It has been very particular about customer satisfaction and customer delight. The silver factory has been valuing customer services in parallel with their products. As a result, the company has grown by leaps and bounds in a short span of time. The company’s major strength is its skillful and dedicated team. The employees have been assigned to their respective roles. They put tremendous efforts to achieve the common goal of the company.

Our major business values are Honesty, Equality, Transparency, Business ethics, Customer-driven approach, Pro-active, Consistency, Loyalty towards customers and employees as well, Respect, Reliability, etc.

Ultimately, we wish to design and produce world-class products using our expertise for a decade and at last, create a win-win situation for all. You can call the silver factory at +91 9166828406.