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The Best Jewelry Factory in Jaipur

There are some things which are common and loved by all women all around the world. Yes, that’s jewelry. Women's love towards jewelry never fades away with time. These things remain at the top of all lists among all household activities. As soon as the cost of jewelry falls there is an increase in the purchasing of the jewelry, but the ladies' love remains constant towards jewelry. Among all the precious metal women love yellow metal called gold. Gold is the true love partner of women for a long time. During the olden days, both men and women use to wear gold in the form of jewelry. The increase in the price of gold doesn’t affect women's demand. You will find varieties of jewelry earrings and cuff jewelry that are available in wholesale supply from the wholesale manufacturer or wholesale jewelry store. There are many jewelry manufacturing in India which has its own wholesale warehouse or jewelry warehouse to produce designer jewelry.

Something you should always keep in mind before buying gold:

Most of the Indian women love gold. As you will find gold in every household. Whatever the occasion is women love to showcase their gold jewelry and want to look attractive. Women love precious metals. But before buying gold you should know some important things about it.

  1. You should check the price of the gold and see whether it’s pure or impure.
  2. You should always check the hallmark before buying gold jewelry.
  3. You can negotiate towards taking charge of the gold jewelry.
  4. Always buy gold from a reputed jewelry shop.
  5. Always keep your invoice bill of the jewelry carefully for future use.
  6. Always cross-check the weight of the gold throughout.
  7. Try to avoid purchasing the gold during a festive season like Dhanteras, Sankranthi, Ugadi, Navarathri, Dasara, etc as the price of gold will be high.

Types of jewelry available in the market:

Jewelry is not a thing to show off but one of the best ways to adorn oneself. Women are madly in love with jewelry to match with an outfit of every occasion. Women always feel incomplete without ornaments. Below are some of the ornaments which can go with every outfit.

Ring for any occasion:

As we know to be it women or men all love to wear a ring. Rings are always worn on fingers. You will get a different kind of rings in a jewelry factory in India. You will get a silver ring of many designs, shapes, and sizes. You always need the ring size before gifting to anyone. You will get various range of rings design as it is known as a silver factory in Jaipur. They provide one of the best quality gold as they have their own gold factory.

Rings are mainly used in engagement purposes. It may be after going through the stories of fairy tale that you have always longed for a beautiful and glamorous engagement. So to make this occasion a successful one you need to buy an engagement rings which will give you a glamorous and beautiful look. You can get engagement rings of many types like a silver ring, a golden ring and then a diamond ring. The silver ring is very attractive and cheap if you want to give a commitment to your teenage beloved then this is perfect to propose your man or your women with.

You can gift a silver ring to your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day for showing her your commitment. Gold rings are a little expensive but you can gift it to your beloved on the big day. Then comes the diamond ring is expensive but it is perfect as a wedding ring. There are so many varieties available in engagement rings for women. You will get it in any shape and size. Silver and gold are used to make a diamond ring. Diamond will always go better with gold but nowadays silver also goes with the diamond as per the new trend. The diamond engagement ring is very pricey but will look very classy on your fingers. As diamond is a precious stone so women as well as men both love to wear a diamond ring on their finger.

Even silver rings are used for astrology purposes with a birthstone. Now a day’s women love to wear a silver ring even you can gift yourself a silver ring on your birthday or someone else birthday. As silver rings are cheap and are also available in many places or jewelry warehouses. You will get the finest cut diamond in the diamond factory.

Earring with any outfit:

The earring is a thing that women love to wear on any occasion with every dress. You will get earrings in any shape size and design. Silver jewelry goes with every occasion as we know nowadays women are going crazy with silver ornaments. Silver is very beautiful and is very classy. You will get varieties of jewelry earrings in the market like stud earring, hoop earring, dangles earring, barbell earring, cuff earring, clip-on earring, etc. You will get all these varieties on silver as well as gold. You will get the finest quality diamond in a diamond factory in Jaipur.

Gold earrings are always in trend you can wear them at any place and anywhere. There are many earring jewelry manufactures where you will find beautiful earrings. Dangle earrings are beautiful and attractive. The earring is a fashion ornament that can attach to your earlobe. In the ancient period women as well as men both use to wear an earring. If you love diamond earring then wear stud earrings. Stud earring looks classy and beautiful and goes with every kind of dress and occasion. You can wear gold dangle earrings with traditional dress, gold clip-on earring with small diamond studded on it will look beautiful.

Necklaces for the suitable place:

As silver jewelry is in trend nowadays women wear silver jewelry on any occasion in any place you can wear silver jewelry at any casual party and normal parties. Gold necklaces are for every occasion. You can miss and match every kind of chain with each other and can wear them on any occasion. The necklace is a fashion jewelry item which is worn around the neck. Since ancient times necklace is in fashion. You can buy silver necklaces as it is easily available and can wear them on casual parties with different styles and it’s even cheap. Diamond necklaces or any other necklaces for women are available in jewelry finding the manufacturer or necklaces jewelry manufacturer.

Gold necklaces are very well decorated and can be worn with every dress and outfit but you have to be very conscious about wearing them at any party. As we know the diamond is studded in silver or gold. In necklaces, the diamond looks beautiful with gold. If you don’t like to wear anything on your neck you should try gold necklaces once on your neck which will look beautiful and you will look stunning with them. Gold jewelry is one of the best things which you can gift to anyone. You don’t need any size because it is available in universal size in any jewelry store. There are many Pendants Jewelry Manufacturers that produce different modern style pendants.

Bangles and bracelets for gifting:

Bangles and bracelets are one of those ornaments that are worn by women on their wrist. They come in various shapes and sizes. Bangle and bracelets are famous among women. You will get bangles of many types. Gold and silver bangle is famous among women. They go with every dress and you will look beautiful in them. In India, women have to wear bangles if you are once married. Bracelets are very famous among all age women. The bangle is worn mainly with traditional dress. If you are planning to wear saree then bangle will be a perfect match on you and you should always wear bangle with every ethnic dress as bangle can make you beautiful and attractive.

There are many types of bangles in the market. Diamond bangles are expensive as they are a stud on gold or silver. But the diamond bangles look beautiful when you are wearing them with traditional dress. It is not possible to gift bangle until or unless you know the correct wrist size. But you can easily gift bracelets to anyone as they have universal size and design. In bracelets, the diamond will look beautiful and attractive. you can get every type of bracelets in the market. You can even order online the way you want. Diamond is a precious stone but if you are going to some parties or wedding then the diamond will look beautiful on you. There is a shop in Jaipur where you will get every kind of bangle as they are bangle jewelry manufacture. Bracelets for women include bangle jewelry or jewelry bracelets which you can find in bracelets jewelry manufacturer outlet.

Even men wear bangle which is called Kada. This is also available in silver and gold. You will see many Panjabi men wear silver Kada on their hand as it is there ritual. Even girls nowadays wear Kada on their hands, gold Kada will look very beautiful and classy on girls' hands. You can mix and match your bangles with the watch and many other things. Matching your bangle with your watch will look good. Even just married women wear lots of gold bangles on their wrist. The gold bangle is studded with precious stone like a diamond which looks very classy. You will get every type of design you want in the jewelry shop. Bangles are a part of Indian culture. In India women who are married are told to wear bangle as bangles is a sign of safety. There is a shop in Jaipur where you will get every kind of bracelets as they are bracelets jewelry manufacture.

The Best Jewelry Manufacturing Companies in India

Are you in search of the best jewelry manufacturing companies in India? Then you are certainly in the right place. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is the renowned jewelry manufacturers of India. Being established in India doesn’t mean that they and their services are only limited to India. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is boundless in the field of jewelry manufacturing and repairing sector. They are neither a new name in this sector nor a name that is too old in its processes. From the manufacturing of gold and diamond jewelry to sterling silver and aventurine gemstone jewelry, the DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. has all of them. However, the popularity that it gained in such less time is not only because of its multiple services and expertise but is also because of its uniqueness in creativity.

That the DWS Jewellery has its name included in the top and the best jewelry manufacturing companies in India. After that their growth continued exponentially, to make them the best jewelry manufacturers across the globe. They are among the top list manufacturers of Bangles, Bracelets, Cuff, Earrings, Rings, Pendants and Necklace. Anyone who is in a need of trustworthy jewelry manufacturers can simply choose a product manufactured by DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. in order to get an astounding service and jewelry of astonishing quality. Trusting a renowned name is better when you are seriously reluctant against any scam or any spurious seller. If you are a jeweler, a brand, or a designer, the DWS Jewellery is the most suitable and the best option for your great business. There are numerous wholesale jewelry stores all over the world that are in partnership with DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd., for manufacturing high-quality jewelry products.

The authenticity of the quality of a jewelry product manufactured by the DWS Jewellery is rarely needed to be tested. Their uniqueness and creativity are their forte. Their scale as a jewelry manufacturing company is so high that there are only a few in the competition at that level. We believe in attitude with gratitude and are thus focused on their own improvement, instead of being indulged in any competition and thus they are a renowned brand and not only a name among other jewellery manufacturers.

Jewelry Making Process

Jewelry making is an art that defines the creativity and talent of a designer. The high quality based jewelry defines the authenticity and social status of the individuals. While manufacturing any product some cost gets involved in a process in the form of fixed and variable manufacturing costs. Are you creating a jewelry line? You have come to the right place. Below we have mentioned Jewelry making process. Let’s see how.

Jewelry Casting: Jewellery casting is an art that has been in existence for thousands of years. Since the time an artisan melt the metal into cavities shaped in stone, plaster, and sand and cuttlefish bone. With the help of advanced technologies, jewelry casting is more dynamic than ever. Melting of metal is done by wax jewelry casting. Through this process, an artisan can make unique and high quality based metal jewelry pieces.

  1. Most jewelry that is manufactured starts off a wax pattern. Jeweler takes the wax pattern and uses plaster to create an “invested mold”
  2. Once the mold is prepared, Jewellery makers put into an oven.
  3. In the oven, all the wax will melt out and then manufacturers will pour the molten metal into the hollow cavity.
  4. After half an hour manufactures will throw the mold into a bucket of cold water. And then pull the pieces of jewelry from the mold slowly.

Jewelry Filling: It is one of the most essential processes of jewelry making. In this process, the jewelry makers remove excess metals, even out of the surface to give smooth and clean shape. There are several methods of filling metals and the actual files come in a variety of shapes, grades/cuts, and sizes.

Filling technique for a straight line: When jewelry makers do the filling for a straight line, they first check whether the metal is secured, as an unstable bench peg/metal will lead to mistakes and inaccuracies. While filling for straight-line take the help of long stroke to apply the pressure on the forwarding stroke. Follow this process until you reach the last stroke.

Filling technique for curves: In this technique jewelry makes use of a flat-file faced file and pushes forward using a sweeping action.

Jewelry Polishing: With the help of a wide range of machines and handy tools jewelry makers skilled at jewelry polishing. First artisans take a wheel and shape the contour surfaces. In the next step polishing the jewelry after that, it reveals shininess. Once the desired polishing is achieved, various textures and finishes can be applied to the specified surface of the jewelry. When all jewelry dye-making process is complete, all the surface of jewelry will be cleaned.

Stone Setting: When the stone is completely ready then the next process of a jeweler maker to set the stone into a piece of jewelry? Sometimes stones sourced might not be fit in a piece then it is sent back to the lapidary for cutting. Keep in mind in the jewelry making process; polishing and cleaning are always done before setting a stone into a piece.

Jewelry Plating: Basically, jewelry plating means covering a piece of polished metals with gold, silver, platinum and so on. Make sure while plating a metal the surface must be cleaned. First jewelry makers do surface preparation in which they include stripping, polishing, sandblasting, tumbling, etc. The alkaline cleaners and acid etch are used to remove the dirt and oil. After the surface is prepared, electro cleansing, ultrasonic cleaning or steaming usually takes place. After cleaning, the piece of jewelry resin in water to remove any cleaning agents and them hang out it dry.

Jewelry quality check: Before delivering jewellery to customers, the inspection is very necessary. For that jewelry makers passed jewellery in a tested machine. Then send deliver to a customer.

Jewelry packing: Packing of jewelry signifies the class of jewelry shop. As the jewelry is very precious ornaments it must be packed in a cover that looks royal, handy and protectable.

Final say:

So, this is the entire jewelry-making process. I hope now you understand how to make jewelry effortlessly.

Get silver jewellery casting from DWS Jewelley Pvt. Ltd. with the cheapest prices

Silver jewellery casting is a process in the manufacturing unit. This process involves the conversion of the liquid metal which is base (here silver) is poured into a mold of needed shape. The mold is of a hollow type. The poured metal is allowed to cool and solidify which is then separated from the mold for further processing. The solidified metal will attain now a new shape as that of mold.

The casting of jewellery is an art from the past which has existed over for many years. Though, there are recent developments in the casting industry, where fine-tuning of shape and tenderness in obtained. The old traditional methods were still used for the quality making of precious ornaments. We shall see the methods that we are using in our silver jewellery casting in our industry.

Wax casting

Any type of design can be prepared from the wax. This object is used as the mold and the molten silver is poured into the mold for getting the desired shape of the metal. This is a traditional technique and has been used vastly. This technique is followed by a dentist who often used for creating teeth from the wax mold. Jewelers have found this technique as a cost-effective one and followed this step.

The best thing about the wax casting technique is jewelers' creativity. Wax can attain any shape of the desired form. Hence it is easy to create a shape of wax if it is not so attained the wax has again been melted to its original state. This involves low costing as the cost of raw material for mold is too low. Sometimes the rubber mold is prepared as a sample and from that lot of wax, molds are formed.

There are subtypes in the wax preparing methods. Sand casting uses the sand as a mold material which gives a textured grained look for the jewels. Water casting is the way of creating free form objects. Metal is poured into the water and cooled to the desired shape which is at last formed. Steam casting is the way the metal can be cast by using the steam to mold the metal.

Silver is the most difficult to object to cast then gold. It is because gold involves an alloying of several metals like copper, white gold has nickel and a small amount of zinc. Zinc act as a de-oxidizer with other metals which prevents the metal from oxidizing in the air. Since there is certainly no de-oxidizers found in the melting of sterling silver, there is a possibility of including copper oxides in metal and chance of occurring gas porosity.

The silver jewellery casting consists of many modules. On completion of each process correctly the final product is the high-quality casting jewel. The final quality depends on the direct proportionate to the number of modules before the final stage which has been performed most correctly. Since sterling silver gives a good finish when compared to other gold alloys after casting, it is important to perform those smaller process to perfectly so that the final silver cast object is what we desired.

Since our silver jewellery casting team involves traditional and trained artisans. They are well versed in every nook and corner of making the silver jewel at most clear without any gas porosity or other issues. We are able to provide good molded silver jewellery within this affordable price when compared to others in the market. Hence, you cannot find even a single defect in our process as we have employed only the trained and crafted workers who have an ample amount of experience in this silver casting industry.

Find the Best Jewelry Soldering Techniques from Our Factory

Jewelry soldering is a technique that is widely used in most of the jewelry shops and other jewelry repair shops. It doesn't matter whether you are purchasing up silver or Gold jewelry because every single metal can be soldered. The technique of soldering is available everywhere. If you are an engineer then you might have been introduced to the concept of soldering while fixing electrical circuits in your labs. During this technique, a metal of your choice is placed within the solder then, and it is heated to their melting point. When the metal starts to melt they are placed on the object to be repaired for creating a good connection. Soldering jewelry is a technique that is commonly used for repairing all types of Broken chains and other parts in the design. This might seem like an easy job but in reality, they are tougher. If you are connecting a circular or any other metal then the job is relatively easy. But when you are trying to connect a broken part of a chain it should be completed with proper technique so that the final design will be presentable and not detectable. Most of the shops selling jewelry use some expertise technicians for repairing the designs so that they will be stronger, and the repair work done will be undetectable.

From the small rings to large studs all the jewelry items can be fixed. This technique has provided new confidence for the people and nowadays they are ready to try all types of designs on their costumes. This process involves a lot of heat and a bit of smoke. So if you are technically allergic to them do not try them at home.

How to perform soldering?

Soldering is a common technique where a metal or alloy is heated to a melting point and placed upon the broken piece to provide a connection between the two other metals. Commonly people used lead for the soldering technique. But because of the harmful side effects produced by the lead people tried to avoid using Lead especially after heating them to a melting point. Later the soldering technique which was used for connecting circuits in the electrical field was transferred to several other fields like the mechanical field, jewelry, and also into construction. In the area of mechanical engineering while constructing new machines the concept of soldering was widely used for fixing the spare parts. Also similarly they were used in the construction field.

One major development that was made in the soldering technique is the introduction of the concept into the jewelry area. The soldering technique was used to connect to different metal pieces together by using a gold or silver alloy as the conductor instead of normal metals. This is because mixing the pure gold and silver with the low-quality metals will result in issues when the jewelry is sold for replacement or money. At the same time, the soldering technique is an easy concept and most of the students learn the technique during their University studies. They can be easily tried at home for repairing your circuits with proper precautions. But if you are trying to connect two jewelry pieces together then it is always better to seek professional help because the value of these designer jewels is much higher than the other pieces.

It doesn't matter whether you are trying to piece two gold or silver pieces together because at the end of the day the final output is more important than the metal used. If you are trying to solder two gold pieces together then it is better to use gold metal wire for melting. Similarly, if you are trying to join two silver medals or designer pieces together the best option is the silver wire for melting. Also, try to use the thin form of rod or wire possible because they are more artistic and easy to apply for minute details.

Uses of soldering in fashion jewelry.

The soldering technique is used in the area of both fashion jewelry and also on expensive jewelry. They are used for connecting the broken chains, expanding the size of the rings, mending broken earrings, and also in bangles. Even though it is technically impossible for you to create a perfect design using the solder you can mend them as accurately as possible. But before that, you have to understand that only well-experienced technicians will have the knowledge to choose the perfect soldering wire for jewelry. Most people prefer replacing the jewelry when there is any damage but nowadays you can easily repair them with the correct techniques. This is more useful for the kids because they tend to break the jewelry of an and hence repairing them constantly will allow you to reuse them for a long time especially chains and bracelets. The fashion jewelry field uses silver commonly and they are more suitable because even poor people afford them. They are sometimes later dipped in gold for a blended look. When dipping makes sure that the entire jewel is dipped for an even distribution of the color and to provide a perfect finish.

When you are performing soldering there are certain components that need to be present. Without having them it would be technically impossible for you to provide a perfect result especially in terms of design. If you are trying to develop yourself as a perfect technician then all the components mentioned below are essential but if you are trying to perform the technique at home for occasional requirements then only certain components are essential. Let us now see about the components required for or soldering metal jewelry and other things.

Components for soldering


  1. Soldering iron - The first thing that you need to purchase is the soldering iron. It is necessary for you to choose the best solder for Jewelry making to provide a perfect finish. The device is used to provide heat that will melt the metals to their melting point making it easier to join them. When you are purchasing the device for electrical circuits the perfect option will choose a device that consumes 25-40 watts of power. Do not imagine that with the increase in power consumption the heat of the device will increase. Because the design concept is different where with the increase in power consumption the component used for melting e will be larger in size. For example, if you are trying to solder a large rod then purchasing a 40 watts device is essential. Similarly when you are trying to join a small chain when purchasing a 25 Watt solder device is enough.

    Most people think that they are only available for the professionals but the truth is that they can be purchased in most of the electrical shops. Like the drilling machine, the soldering machine is also available for sale in a common manner. When you are purchasing a device make sure that it has a proper rosin core that prevents the metals from getting melted and only the solder wire is subjected to melting. The core is also responsible for wetting the surface of the Metals used to prevent melting. But sometimes people use a different kind of core called the acid core that can be used for joining large pipes and metals. They are not suitable for Electrical circuits and small jewels because they have the ability to damage the surrounding metal to a certain extent. So when you are trying to use the technique of soldering for Jewellery items purchase the best device possible.

  2. Solder - The next important part that you need to purchase for performing soldering is to choose the best solder for jewelry making. The soldering iron is responsible for producing the heat to melt the connecting metal and the original piece in certain cases. The solder is nothing but the connecting metal or wire that is melted to a certain degree to provide a proper connection between the circuits and jewelry pieces. There are a variety of Soldiers available in the market including silver, gold, and other alloys. The main concept that is used here is that the solder used should have a lower melting point than the objects they are used for connecting. This will ensure proper connection and prevent the corrosion of the main object. They are available in the form of wires in a variety of diameters. when you are purchasing the wire for connecting circuits and small jewelry pieces then purchase the design that has a diameter of 0.75 mm to 1 mm. The size of the shoulder can be increased with the increase in the size of the joining metals. So depending upon the metal you are using the proper solder should be chosen. The best solder for jewelry repair is silver. So when you are purchasing be careful about the alloy and size. Because compromising it will change the quality of the product during the final output.

  3. Stand - The soldering iron you are using will be made up of iron. When you are working for long hours you will have the requirement to place them on the stand and not on the normal surface because they have the ability to damage the surface they are placed on. The device is normally hot and they have the ability to melt the surface with excessive heat when placed on the surface directly. So the best option is to place them on the stand for safety. Some might think of switching it off before placing it on the surface but the truth is that even when switched off they take time to cool off. Also when you are working continuously switching it off and on alternative Li will waste a lot of time and energy. Because when you switch on the machine a certain amount of time will be taken by the iron to heat up before reaching the melting point of the solder. So waiting for the iron to reach the melting point will waste a lot of time, and it is more convenient with the stand. Purchase a stand that will be best suitable for the working area and they should not interfere with you in your other works. Make sure that the stand is not made up of plastic because even though the iron will not be in contact with the plastic there are still chances for accidents to happen while removing and replacing them resulting in damage. So purchasing a steel or iron stand will be more suitable.

    Also when you are purchasing a stand make sure that it has a damp sponge available for convenience. This will allow you to remove the extra solder on the iron and place it perfectly on the stand to prevent leakage.

  4. Solder braid - Like soldering, desoldering is also a good technique that is used to improve the design on the jewels.  If you are planning on desoldering a repaired part for making certain corrections the braid will be essential. During this technique, the braid is placed upon the solder to be removed and heated using the soldering iron.  This will allow the solder to flow through the braid and be removed completely. You can also use them for altering the design to a certain extent and for making it thick or thin. But when you are using these components, make sure to wear gloves and protective gear. Along with these components you also need a wire cutter to cut the solder and braids. These are the most important and essential components that you need to purchase before performing soldering on jewelry.

Safety precautions 

  1. Normally when you are performing soldering the iron has the ability to burn objects since it produces a heat of more than 300 degrees Celsius. So it should be kept only on the stand and away from claimable substances including the wires to prevent leakage of current.
  2. Always wear gloves and keep a bucket of water near the table for safety precautions. Using a fire extinguisher is more efficient than a water bucket if you are working on a home-based setup then water is more useful.
  3. Keep the iron tip away from the wires and power line to prevent short circuits. They are extremely dangerous and have the ability to prevent the flow of current or burn the whole place down.
  4. Wash your hands neatly after completing every single process since lead is used in certain techniques.
  5. Some of the heat resistant substances like the asbestos can be used to make a perfect surface for performing these activities. This surface can be covered with heat resistant sheets to provide a perfect workplace.

Types of soldering techniques

Even though soldering is a simple process there are a variety of types involved in this technique. Depending upon the type of alloy used combined with the type of heat used in preparing these designs there are three forms of techniques involved. Depending upon the type of heat involved the technique will vary. Let us now see about them in detail. The normal techniques used are,

  1. Soft soldering technique
  2. Silver soldering technique
  3. Brazen soldering technique


Soft soldering technique

This technique is mainly used for jewelry repair and other soft form attachments like the circuit boards and chains. This technique uses lead combined with tin as a solder material. They are used for repairing fancy and silver jewelry items. The melting point of the solder or filler metal should be 400 degrees Celsius. The filler composition should be adjusted according to that and the metal quality should be perfect. The iron is used here for completing the action.

In this technique, the filler material is heated to its melting point by contacting it with the hot iron device. The circuit boards are fixed using the liquid metal. The technique uses passive flux technology to avoid the surrounding metals from getting damaged. Sometimes people also use gas torch heated iron for soldering. But most of the people prefer the electrical soldering iron because of its easy usage and precise technical result. So most of the goldsmiths use the soft soldering jewelry repair technique for making the results perfect. This particular technique is used widely for creating circuit boards, manufacturing, and also for repairing jewelry.

Silver soldering technique

This technique is also similar to soft soldering but you have to understand that instead of using lead and Tin they use the most famous silver for joining two metal pieces together.  This technique uses the silver solders for combining the metals. There are a variety of grade types present in the silver solder. They are available in the form of hard, medium, easy, and very easy with varying melting points. So depending upon your requirement you can choose the best option available. They are used by the jewel shops for chain soldering and for creating new designs. They are also used for joining the copper and other lead pipes together. They are slightly more powerful than the previous technique so they are used widely for combining large metals.

This particular technique can be performed through both electric nodes or through torch mode. But the torches are more famous because of the intense heat they produce.  Expecting such heat from the iron is not possible and they are not suitable for melting large rods. When the metal is overheated they melt and can be used for combining two designs together. This technique commonly uses a different type of acid flux made up of Auroflux or Borax. This softens the surface before melting them. This technique is widely used because most of the people consider it to be more powerful. This is because the surrounding metals have the ability to absorb silver to a certain extent creating a strong connection. You have to remember that the connection made will be more powerful than the surrounding metal and hence filling should be perfect. This technique also uses the borax flux for easy clean movement of the metal after liquefaction. Most of the people designing jewelry use the torch to direct the flow of the liquid metal since they have the ability to move towards the heat in liquid form.

Brazen soldering technique

Most of the people get confused between the brazen technique and soldering technique. The method they use to melt the metal and join the other two metals is the same, but the only difference between them is the type of soil used and the heating temperature. Normally when the melting point of the solder used is above 450 degrees celsius then it is called a brazen technique. This technique is more powerful because it uses highly powerful alloys like Copper, Tin, and lead. The melting point of these metals is more than 500-degree centigrade and they are mostly used for joining high-quality metals especially in Constructions and machinery. When compared to the soldering technique the joint that is formed here is more strong. The joint formed is strong enough to withstand external pressure and weight and hence they are commonly used in machinery and other mechanical fields.

This technique is used for making jewelry and not for repairing it because the Metals used in the jewelry do not have the ability to withstand such a heavy heat even with the presence of flux. Sometimes people prefer wearing copper pendants and certain other designs that can be made using this type of brazing and soldering technique. They are mostly available in the mechanical field and jewelry manufacturing field especially in the area of fashion jewelry where new designs constantly experiment.

Modern techniques

The concept of soldering has been developed a lot with the development of modern technology. One such technique is the usage of the laser soldering iron for melting the solder alloy. Here instead of using the metal iron for keeping the solder, the laser beams are being used. This is more effective because even some of the powerful filler alloys can be heated effectively. The processor of wetting is perfect and the hold after cooling is good. This is a high powered computerized technique that provides proper precision and clarity for the Jewellers who are trying to create a perfect masterpiece. Laser soldering jewelry is a technique used widely for repairing the jewelry for quick results and precision. So using laser technology will make you feel at ease. But they should be done only by the professionals.

Another important Technology that modern science has given us is the concept of using liquid solder for jewelry repair. In this particular Technology, a special liquid type of solder made up of tin or silver is used to apply on the broken area to mend two different metal pieces together. This is more suitable for DIY repairs and they can be used only for small repairs like combining two chains or circuits. All the techniques mentioned above are used for a variety of connections.

How to solder jewelry at home? 

We have seen a variety of soldering techniques in the above passage. But we need to understand it is basically impossible for us to practice all the techniques. Some of the techniques like the brazen technique are difficult to implement in a home environment. When you are a woman you will understand the requirement for having personal soldering equipment in your home so that you can repair all your jewelry with perfection. Normally women tend to have a variety of designs and collections. One of the common problems faced by them while using a particular design constantly is the breakages and small damages that occur which cannot be prevented even when looked after carefully. Sometimes you might put on some weight and have the requirement to increase the size of your rings. Having the perfect set of equipment in your home will allow you to work independently and make the required changes without worrying about the money.

Basically, if you are trying to perform soldering Jewelry at home then the best option is to purchase a high-quality soldering iron or a blow torch according to your experience. Having a soldering iron is more convenient for people without proper experience. Purchase a thin copper or tin-based alloy wire along with it for repairing the design.

Follow the steps given below for soldiering your jewelry at home using an electric iron.

Initially connect the electric soldering iron to the plug and start heating it. While the iron is getting heated on the stand the next step for you is to apply the flux on the wire and hold them using the holder.

Once the iron reaches the particular heat place the Jewel on the table and place the broken pieces together. After setting everything off, the next step is to bring the solder near the broken part and start melting using the iron. Liquid evenly on the broken part and connect the entire piece. After connecting all of the metal to cool a little. Once cooled you can soften the Rough edges using a Sandpaper. It would be difficult for you to obtain perfection during the first trial. But continuous usage will allow you to use them whenever possible and even connect the minute details in the jewelry.

Sometimes when you are more experienced you can use the blow torch to liquefy the Silver strips and use the liquefied metal for connecting the metal pieces together. But you have to understand it requires a large workspace and a very safe environment when compared to the previous technique. Using a laser technique for combining metals or jewelry is impossible especially in the home environment as it requires proper computerization.

If you are afraid of using electric iron then the best option for you is to use the liquid solder that is available in the market where the main solder is stored in liquid form and can be used on this jewelry for a repair like applying a glue. This technique is easier but remembers even for this you require proper expertise; otherwise, the design will look horrible. But one of the major disadvantages with this technique is that the container should be stored properly and they are available at a higher price than the other techniques.

This technique is more suitable if you are comfortable with the type of iron used, otherwise, the best option is to submit them to the nearest jewelry store for expert repair and precision. Because when you make a mistake a very costly design might go into total waste. At the same time if you have proper expertise you can also perform Desoldering techniques for removing unwanted connections and realigning the jewelry design according to your wish.

Sometimes people might feel difficult to search for the perfect jewelry store that performs soldering and other forms of repair services. If you do not have any store near your home you can always submit your jewelry through mail services for a perfect repair service from an expert jewelry showroom.

Alter your rings according to your wish

In most countries using the ring as a form of promise between a man and a woman has become common. Most of the people especially women wear their engagement rings constantly as a form of remembrance and sentiment. Sometimes it is used in weddings especially in the Christian religion, as an indicator in both men and women. Some people have a belief in wearing lucky rings where they placed their lucky stones on the ring and wear it all the time. This particular belief states that wearing the ring all the time will ward off the negative energy and increase the positive energy surrounding you. The ring has a more sentimental value in our culture than you can think of. So when you face difficulty in wearing the ring during certain situations. Sometimes there might be damage to the jewelry piece or breakage. Other times the ring will not be suitable for wear due to a sudden increase or loss in weight. This will prevent you from wearing the ring constantly on the fear of losing it.

In order to make the ring useful, the goldsmiths have come up with a useful technique. It is nothing but the soldering technique which can be used for increasing the size of the ring and also for decreasing it. Let us now see in detail about the technique used.

Increasing the size of the Ring

Some of the people when they increase in size they will avoid using their ring especially their lucky rings because of the issues with them. The ring is one ornament that is purchased with the perfect size because even a mild variation in the size will result in an uncomfortably. So in such situations, certain jewelry stores will follow a normal technique called stretching where the circumference of the ring can be increased. In this particular technique, the metal is heated to a certain temperature and the circumference is increased by thinning the density of the metal. If the density of the metal in the ring is low then the next the technique used is the soldering technique. Here the ring is cut in the middle and expanded.  The gap between the metal is filled with proper filler material and finally, the length of the ring is expanded. Since this technique involves a lot of pulling and melting it is a better option to hand it over to the professionals. This is not suitable for home-based environments. After connecting the ring allows the metal to cool off. The uneven edges on the ring are removed by using special sandpapers. To make the design look new and perfect the best option available is to clean them and perform an inspection for strength and connectivity. After this, the entire jewelry is dipped in pure gold or silver to provide a perfect finish at the end. This jewelry soldering technique can be used on both valuable and designer rings. This technique is available in some of the famous shops all over the country.

People do not just increase in weight but they also sometimes decrease and wait which results in the reduction of finger size. Even a minute reduction will result in the failure of the design and you will be cautious about wearing that particular ring because they have a higher chance of getting lost. Losing a normal ring will not affect you in any way but when you lose a ring of sentimental value then you might feel at loss all the time. Most people, especially women, will feel bad when they lose their engagement or wedding ring despite the price. So in such situations, the best option is to decrease the size of the Ring by cutting a portion of it and removing it completely.

In this technique, the goldsmiths cut the ring and remove certain diameters according to the requirement. After removing the unwanted metal the next step is to join the two metals by using the soldering jewelry technique. Most of the technicians prefer using the normal soft soldering technique for combining the metal. But if they are more experienced they might use the Silver soldering technique because they are both precise and the output will be perfect. This technique cannot be practiced at home because the cutting of rings requires precise workmanship and tools which are difficult to obtain and maintain properly.

Both the above-mentioned techniques are used widely by people all over the world but still, sometimes you might have doubts about the perfection of the final product. So in such situations, the best thing you have to do is to search for the best-experienced soldering jewelry shop near you. This is essential because most of the rings used are many up of diamonds and other precious stones. So they should be handled carefully with proper expertise because mishandling the iron will destroy the stone quality.

Broken chains? do not worry!

Nowadays most people prefer wearing simple and thin chains for their regular usage. The concept of wearing heavy chains has been moved for occasional purposes.  Most people nowadays think about purchasing some chain but leave it because of the fear of breaking it. This criterion is more suitable for the kids because they are more used to breaking their jewelry chains. Sometimes the hooks of the chains will be broken which will require repair. It does not matter whether it is a normal silver chain or a gold chain. The value and sentiment of the product will be impeccable. So during that situation when you have a perfect shop for repairing them without any indication then it would be the best option. Sometimes women wear a specific chain called ‘mangal sutra’ as an indication of their marriage. Most of the women share a special sentimental value with this particular chain and they wear it on all occasions. So when these chains are under damage the first preference is to repair them so that they won't get cut off in the future and also look beautiful.

For repairing these special thin chains the best option is to use the soft soldering or the silver soldering technique combined with gold dipping. Both techniques are suitable for thin model chains. If you are thinking about making a repair on a thick model chain the best option is to perform the silver soldering technique rather than the other techniques because they are more powerful and suitable for this model. This technique is also suitable for connecting the hooks and also for replacing them according to your requirement. The chain soldering technique is practiced in most of the valuable jewelry shops combined with the other fashion jewelry shops which have been gaining more popularity during the last few years.

This same soldering technique can be used for mending other fashion jewels like heavy necklaces and hip chains.

Mend your fashion jewels

Most of the women prefer wearing fashion jewelry rather than regular gold and diamond jewelry. This is because the amount of designs present in fashion jewelry is wide and they are of low price when compared to the valuable jewelry. Most of the people especially women nowadays see the valuable gold and platinum designs as property rather than normal wear because of their cost. Fashion jewelry is suitable for all types of including modern and traditional wear. Most of the fashion jewelry items are made up of non-traditional metals like silver, iron, and copper. They mostly use gemstones and other types of famous stones. So when there is any type of damage to these fashion jewels proper mending should be done regularly. But since the entire country has only very few fashion jewelry designers it is difficult to find a suitable person. In such situations, it is necessary for you to keep a constant shop for repairing all your valuable jewelry items and designer Jewels. When there is any loss of gemstones and breakage of jewel pieces the best technique that is used for fixing them up is by soldering technique.

There are a variety of fashion jewels available and let us see how they can be mended.

Silver fashion jewelry

The silver jewelry has been in existence right from the Olden ages. Nowadays the new generation is also preferring to wear silver designs especially in the form of chains, rings, and heavy necklaces. Even the traditional designs like the hip chains and necklaces are made using silver and then they are dipped in pure Louis gold for even coating.  These types of designs are more famous among the youngsters and the elders nowadays. The main reason people prefer this design is because they are of low cost and easy to maintain. When you are traveling outside for functions you need not think and worry about the safety of the jewelry you are carrying. They are safe and more preferred by women.

Now women can travel safely alone wearing this jewelry. Similarly, the kids can also be sent outside for functions by wearing this jewelry without worrying about them losing it. The main reason people do not prefer fashion jewelry is because they think that they are not rich-looking. The Jewellery items that came before 20 years might be simple and look like duplicate designs with improper gold coating. But nowadays with the increase in Technology, the silver jewelry designs are dipped in high-quality gold to provide a similar appearance that prevents you from differentiating between both of them. When these silver Jewellery items are damaged they can be submitted in the nearest fashion jewelry store for repair.

A few years before the goldsmiths usually used the normal technique of melting the edges and connecting them. For example, if it is a broken chain the two ends of the chain are melted and then connected together at the same temperature. A few amounts of liquid silver is applied extra to the chain to provide a perfect extra finish. But this technique was strong enough and the finishing was not as perfect as the others. So they tried to make certain changes to the jewelry by using the soldering technique.

When you are trying to perform chain soldering the first thing that needs to be noted is the type of alloy you are going to use for the soldering technique. The alloy you are choosing should be perfect and have the ability to be desoldered. This will allow you to measure the exact weight of the Silver when you try to replace the jewelry design. So when you purchase fashion jewelry made up of pure silver with gold coating then the best choice is to use a tin or silver-based soldering technique. Doing this at home will not be preferable since they require proper workmanship at the end to provide good finishing.

Pendant soldering

Most of the women nowadays wear pendants along with a simple chain to make a good appearance and also to provide a professional look. The first thing that you have to do when there is a damaged pendant is to check if it is a plain pendant or one made up of stones. If it is a plain pendant they can be easily soldered using modern technology soldering. But if it is a You can use the liquid soldering technique for the normal iron soldering technique. The liquid solder for jewelry with gemstones is the best option as they do not melt the surrounding metal and the stones will also be saved. The iron soldering technique needs proper expertise for making the repair on both the pendants as they might melt the metal even by slight damage.

When you are wearing gemstone based jewels you might have noted that these stones will be fixed through metal through ridges or grooves. Some of the diamond based designs use modern technology called the Prong setting. When there is any damage to these settings the gemstones placed might fall off. So the best option is to replace the gemstones within the setting again and solder them using proper technique. This process will take a lot of time and energy with proper craftsmanship.

When you are soldering them the gemstones will usually be protected with proper gel-like substances that prevent the heat from entering the system. The next option is to surround the stones with copper foils to protect the quality of the stones while heating the surface around them. All these techniques are better done by experts. If you are trying to do it at home, better go with the liquid soldering option.

Bridal jewelry

Most of the women nowadays prefer wearing artificial jewels for bridal purposes because they are of low cost and safe to wear. But sometimes you might face the situation of breakage or damages when they are used for a long time. If you have a parlor that rents artificial designs then you will understand the situation clearly. So when you give away your designs for rent then it is impossible for you to get them in return with proper conditions. They are prone to get damaged in the future and during those situations, you will have two solutions. The first solution is by using liquid soldering technique or the normal iron soldering technique where you can repair your jewelry by yourself. The next technique available is by submitting it to the nearby store for repair so that the designs will be intact without any damage. Some of the shops also have the ability to repair them with proper authentication so that it would be difficult for experts to find the damage in them. So depending upon your hand skills and ability to solder you can choose to repair them yourself or try to go to the nearby shop. But personally, for me, the best option will be to choose the shops because they are safer especially in the case of bridal jewelry that is made up of multiple gemstones. Since most of the bridal jewelry is made up of high-quality gold coating it is necessary for you to clean the design and then dip it to obtain proper appearance. This technique can be done only in shops.

Antique jewelry

When it comes to fashion jewelry some of the designs are more preferred by the people. While some designs are easy to make and maintain a certain design that should be maintained properly and they take a long time to design. One such design is the Antique jewelry pieces that are either made up of silver or Gold according to the preference of the user. The designs made on the Antique jewelry pieces are intricate and hence if there's any kind of damage then you should keep in mind that they should be repaired properly with proper experience. Even a mild failure of repair will make the jewelry look old and damaged. So using a high-quality silver soldering jewelry technique will be suitable for recreating the designs and enjoying them.

The design present on the top of the pendants and bangles in the antique pieces will be more intricate and only a goldsmith will have the ability to recreate them properly. So it is a better opinion for you to submit the design in the nearest store than trying to mend them by yourself.

Tribal jewelry

The next important design that people normally preferred these days is the tribal jewelry that is made up of antique designs with a different twist. The tribal designs are mostly made up of pure silver and hence the current trending designs are also made up of silver. Similar to the Antique jewelry the best option available is the silver soldering technique that allows you to connect some variably large size pieces and allow you to make certain changes to the designs. Sending these designs directly to the repair shop will be more suitable because they require proper maintenance otherwise the designs will look really bad on you.

Soldering jewel designs

Funky pendants

The current generation designers are more attracted to new models, especially those that are made with a variety of objects. While the old generation designers used pure gold and silver to make Jewellery, the current modern jewelry designers use a variety of objects including glass, quartz, iron, stones, leaves, plastics, and waste objects. The recent inclusion under this category is the soldering jewelry where the entire jewelry is made using the soldering iron gun or other soldering techniques. Even though it is impossible for you to create a chain or necklace using this soldering technique the goldsmiths have now created a variety of pendant designs that can be created using the soldering guns and gemstones embedded in them. They are of greater weight and suitable for sarees and other traditional attires. If you want to view search collections then search for 'soldering jewelry near me' on the internet for receiving a list of names. DWS Jewellery is one such shop that has been an expert in producing new designs that attract customers. When it comes to the concept of fashion jewelry and repairing them then our shop is the best option available in the country.

Thin metal pendants

The next type of jewelry that is widely gaining name nowadays is the soldering made thin metal pendants. Here the solder is heated to a certain temperature and they are bent in different ways to create designs that are beautiful and suitable for the pendant. These pendants are available in varying sizes, materials, and designs. Most of the time these high-quality pendants are combinations of metals and high-quality gemstones to provide the perfect designs. These designs are mostly under the category of modern designs and these pendants are used for casual wear. Some of the designs go well along with the traditional wear but not all of them are suitable. If you are a person who has been constantly wondering if there is any perfect  'jewelry soldering near me' then the best option will be to go for the DWS Jewellery. The shop has been gaining more popularity during the past few years because of its variety of designs and the ability to produce new designs according to the requirement of the customers. So if you are looking for jewelry soldering designs for exhibiting fashion statements or a suitable shop for repairing your broken jewelry the best option is the DWS Jewellery. There are a variety of options available for contact and choosing a particular design from this jewelry store.

Other techniques

While modern developments had led to the usage of various soldering techniques that was not the case during the Olden ages. So in order to attach some of the pendants to the jewelry and to create several other attachments they used the technique called cold soldering. This cold soldering jewelry was preferred by women all over the world. They used a variety of gold or silver objects to connect the Jewellery items so that the final output will be perfect. Most of these connections were made in such a way that they were not visible to the outsiders and they were mostly present in the interior parts of the jewel design. They make the jewelry look beautiful.

Hip belts with cold soldering techniques

Most of the Indian jewelry contains special pendants that were attached to the necklace and other forms of designs. One such design is the hip belt that is worn as a plain simple belt or as a belt with multiple pendants attached to them with the help of cold soldering techniques like the rivet.

  1. Rivet - The rivetting is an age-old technique where a hole is drilled into the metal or the gemstone that needs to be attached to the belt or ring. Then this particular special hollow tool is inserted into the hole and they are closed on both the side by hitting them with a hammer. This will prevent the stones from lessening up. Since most of the rivet materials come along with the same metal as the jewel design they will blend well along with the design and make the whole design look beautiful. This technique is common in hip chains and other forms of jewelry.

  2. Bolt and nut - The next important technique available in the jewelry market for fixing the pendant to the hip chain is using the Bolt and nut or screw and nut. This technique is more famous among the jewelers because they are more easily and allows them to remove the pendants when not necessary. This technique did not interfere with the design and everything moved smoothly. They were widely used and still continued in most of the pure gold based jewelry designs. Some people might have the fear of the meaning of the Bolt and nut but they were created to be a perfect fix that never loses their integrity even after years of usage. This technique was used in a variety of other jewelry designs and still is being used especially for antique and heavy jewelry.

Even though these techniques were more famous recently with the development of soldering most of the people especially the goldsmiths are using this soldering technology for the modern designs and the fashion jewelry as they are easy on the eyes and can be manipulated without worrying about the weight of the metal like the gold or silver.

Pendants, bracelets, and earrings

If you are a woman you will understand the requirement of the above-mentioned jewelry. Most of the gold jewelry use the gold-based loops for connecting the pendants, bracelets, and earrings with gemstones. The gemstones can be plainly used as an attachment rather than embedding them in gold. These designs are simple and more preferred by youngsters because of their value and simple design. To achieve this design the gemstones are initially prepared. Here the stones are washed and a hole is drilled within them. A small metal loop made up of the same metal as the jewelry is used and it is used to connect the pendant to the chain.

This particular design is more suitable for people who wish to wear some simple designs. This pendant can be attached to your change Bracelet and also into your earrings. The loop technique is more famous and still under usage in most of the jewelry items. But if it is gold jewelry most of the designers prefer using the loops that it cannot be opened from an end to provide proper hold. But in the case of fashion jewelry, they can be easily removed since it is open on one end. So a slight tugging of the chain or pendant will cause damage to the loop. The best option available is the soldered loops used in the normal jewelry designs.

These metals have gained more popularity during recent years, and people despite the presence of modern technology they still prefer using these old Technologies as they are most trusted by generations.

Gemstone tab setting

The next most famous cold soldering technique that is used in the field of jewelry is the tab setting. This is a common technique that is widely used for fixing the gemstones to the earrings and other jewelry items. This particular setting is used for some of the normal gemstones that are available in abundance and at a low price. This technology is not suitable for diamonds and other costly gemstones. These particular settings, the gemstone is placed in the center and fixed on the jewelry through special metals that are thin and with like. They have the ability to hold the gemstones in place more suitable for fashion jewelry designs. But you have to keep in mind that they are still bound to get lost when exposed to damages. Some people feel that the domination of the metal is more and it does not bring out the beauty of the gemstone. They should be made up of high-quality material that is rigid and cannot be damaged easily. Some of the commonly used metals are copper and tin since they are flexible. The Silver medal is also used for both gold and silver designs.

This particular technique is preferred by designers for fashion earrings and also for setting up gemstones in bangles and necklaces. All these cold soldering techniques cannot be limited to a particular requirement and they are widely used for all types of jewelry designs. This special soldering technique can be practiced at home. With proper practice, you can gain experience and start repairing your jewelry items by yourself.  The materials are easy to obtain and they can be purchased from anywhere.

The best choice for you

When you are trying to repair your old jewelry or purchase a new design then the concept of soldering might be useful for you. If you're looking forward to purchasing a design from a shop that has a variety of choices the best option is the DWS Jewellery. DWS Jewellery located in Jaipur, Rajasthan is more famous for producing a wide range of designs. The shop has been producing a variety of designs that are suitable for various occasions. Most of the products produced by them are of high quality and they are well known for the designs that are exported all over the world. If you are looking forward to purchasing a design for your special occasions then our shop will be the best option for you.

Collections for all occasions

It does not matter whether you are purchasing a set of bridal jewelry for your marriage or you are going to choose a simple pendant for your college requirement the best option is the fashion jewelry. The fashion jewelry designs come along in a variety of shapes and sizes including antique designs and modern designs. Nowadays most of the college-going youngsters prefer wearing fashion jewelry because of their wide range of collections and Designs present in the market. In order to maintain the integrity of the designs, we have a separate factory that is specially designed for mending the broken jewelry pieces. The factory is made up of world-class technicians who are well experienced in repairing all types of jewelry using the modern soldering techniques and also the cold soldering jewelry techniques.

So now you can purchase the modern bridal collections and other engagement collections from our shop. If there is any damage to the jewelry in the future you can repair them just by submitting it through to mail or directly to our factory. The goldsmiths working with us are well experienced to produce designs that are filled with intricate designs and they also have the ability to repair the jewelry without allowing anyone to notice the damage.  This technical experience is the most important thing that has allowed us to gain a name in the RIICO Industrial area of Rajasthan, India.

Authentic soldering services. 

Soldering is a technique that is widely famous among the people all over the world. While some technicians prefer soldering their designs by themselves there is still a wide range of people who are still searching for them. If you are one of the people searching for the ‘ Best soldering jewelry near me’ Then DWS Jewellery is the best choice available in the market. There are a variety of shops available in the market but these stores have gained more popularity because of their high-quality factory that is well known for their repair services. The factory has a set of experience with goldsmiths who have been well known for their repair works that are excellent. The factory is used for manufacturing artificial jewelry through machines also through handmade techniques. Also, we have a set of workers who are well experienced in soldering techniques for making proper changes in the jewelry design. So if you have any requirement for altering your jewelry you can submit it with us. We at  DWS Jewellery are well known for producing a wide range of collections including customized jewelry. So if you are looking forward to wearing unique designs that are preferred by people all over the world then the best option is to visit our shop in Jaipur, Rajasthan.